The Accident

On 4/16/2010 at approximately 10 to 10:15pm, my Lenny was involved in a serious boating accident. There were 6 occupants of the boat, all were injured. Both Lenny and his best friend Jakie sustained life threatening injuries and were airlifted to trauma centers, Jakie to Las Vegas, Lenny to Phoenix.

I received a call at 1:45am informing me of the accident. I then spent the next 2 hours trying to find him and find out what happened. After calling two hospitals I found Jakie, and then called his mom and she took it from there. I still couldn't find Lenny, so I called the Lake Havasu Police and they got back to me in about a half an hour telling me he was in Phoenix and that the social worker would be calling me soon. Next came the longest 20 minutes of my life. Waiting to hear....

Lenny sustained the following injuries - Completely fractured face from the upper jaw to above the eyes, broken neck, broken ribs, collapsed lungs, and severely broken legs. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I spent the next several minutes rallying friends and getting to YiYi (that is what Lenny calls his sister). We all headed to Phoenix and below I will update you on his condition, how we are holding up, and have a way to communicate with you to keep you updated and be able to answer your questions and be able to get the support we so desperately need from all the wonderful people that love him.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

For those of you who want to help

Hello Everyone. This is Lenny's sister Mishell.

As you all know Lenny is still in the hospital and he will continue to be there at least for the next few weeks. As you can imagine, afterwards he will need to be transferred to a partial or total care facility for an undisclosed period of time. We will know more when that time nears. That obviously means Lenny will be out of work for a very long time. First to heal then followed by much physical therapy.

Needless to say this is and will continue to be an extreme financial hardship on Lenny & especially Nancy, who will be trying to keep everything going & help Lenny through this at the same time.  It was suggested to me that because there are so many of you offering help, the help needed most by Lenny & Nancy at this time is financial.

So I implore those of you who have been inquiring as to how you can help please consider whatever you can afford. Anything you can send will be a great blessing. Any of you who know Nancy, know that no matter the situation she will never be able to ask for help. And I know how much she really needs it.

My husband & I are doing whatever we can for them both, but we are only 2 people with one income.
You can send checks in any amount to her at the hotel.

Please make checks payable to Nancy Martin

Please address them to: Nancy Martin

I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your prayers and support.


Mishell (Yiyi)

At the request of some helpful friends & to make things easier for some of you who have a paypal account, you can also transfer funds to Nancy & Lenny via my paypal account. It is very simple if you have a paypal account just click on the "send money" tab, type in the email address, enter an amount, click on the personal tab, choose gift, then continue. 


  1. Nancy,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you, tell Lenny we love him and miss him so much.

  2. we are all praying dennis and crystal