The Accident

On 4/16/2010 at approximately 10 to 10:15pm, my Lenny was involved in a serious boating accident. There were 6 occupants of the boat, all were injured. Both Lenny and his best friend Jakie sustained life threatening injuries and were airlifted to trauma centers, Jakie to Las Vegas, Lenny to Phoenix.

I received a call at 1:45am informing me of the accident. I then spent the next 2 hours trying to find him and find out what happened. After calling two hospitals I found Jakie, and then called his mom and she took it from there. I still couldn't find Lenny, so I called the Lake Havasu Police and they got back to me in about a half an hour telling me he was in Phoenix and that the social worker would be calling me soon. Next came the longest 20 minutes of my life. Waiting to hear....

Lenny sustained the following injuries - Completely fractured face from the upper jaw to above the eyes, broken neck, broken ribs, collapsed lungs, and severely broken legs. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I spent the next several minutes rallying friends and getting to YiYi (that is what Lenny calls his sister). We all headed to Phoenix and below I will update you on his condition, how we are holding up, and have a way to communicate with you to keep you updated and be able to answer your questions and be able to get the support we so desperately need from all the wonderful people that love him.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Week Three - Thursday

Let me start by saying sorry if there are a lot of typos, I cannot get on the internet here in the hospital tonight so I am typing this on my Blackberry.

Last night was a little difficult for Lenny. He is starting to feel all the pain and really discover everything that is wrong with him now that he is out of the SICU. He is used to automatic pain medicine that he has to ask for now, so after he had slept about 5 hours he woke up feeling awful about 230am. The nurse let us know that when he sees the doctor in the morning they will put him on an extended release medication so he doesn't have that problem again.

Today was all about evaluation. It started in the morning with speech therapy. They work him with speaking obviously and his eating. That part has been pretty simple so far.

Next came occupational therapy and a shower. He was ecstatic to take a shower. They got him out of bed and into a shower chair and wheeled him into the shower where he soaped up and washed off. After the shower we needed him to stand up again to get into the wheelchair. Now his right leg is toe touch only, and his left leg is weight bearing as tolerated. Well after originally getting him out of bed he was compplaining if his left knee hurting badly and he didn't think he could stand up. We finally convinced him to try just for a second and we got him into the chair. Great progress.

He stayed in the wheelchair for a while and as the afternoon went by his two doctors came (rehab and medical). It was a lot of evaluation as they learned about Lenny. He will see those doctors daily. After the doctors were done he had lunch and I was actually able to eat with him as I can buy a meal here. We had grilled cheese with tomato soup. It was good.

After lunch his Physical Therapist came, he was very nervous because he did not want to stand up again because his knee was hurting so bad. It started with just some evaluation to see how his strength was, but she definitely wanted him to get up. So she had him get up and take a couple steps to the bed so he could lay down. He hated it because his knee is really hurting.

Tomorrow he will have 2 hours of PT, 1 hour of OT, and 1 hour of ST. It should be quite a day. We are still on the estimate of 2 to 3 weeks before going home. We are counting the days!

Until tomorrow! Love, Nancy


  1. Now the work begins. You guys have been through so very much. I can't begin to imagine the pain Lenny is feeling, the psychological challenge of processing everything that has happened as well as the future. I pray for you both many times each day. Love and hugs to you both. Nancy thank you so very much for this blog each day, I can't tell you what it means to be able to read your words each night! I hope tonight is restful for you both, tomorrow sounds like a lot of work.

  2. What a day yesterday!!! Just remind him that the sooner he gets moving on his therapy the sooner he can come home. Blessings to you both and Lenny stay strong and get better soon!!! Love and kisses to you both!

  3. Hi Lenny and Nanc, I know how bad the Pain will be in the Next few weeks to come !!! I know how Bad it was for Me, when I had my Total Knee Replacement one year ago this past Arpil. It still hurts. But Lenny you have to stick it out so you will heel faster and come Home !!! I know that its going to be very hard but your strong, and you can do it. Therapy really sucks, I know !!! But you have to do it, to get Better. My Prays are with you, hang in there Lenny. My Love to You Both. Dad.

  4. Marianne HerreraMay 7, 2010 at 11:57 AM

    Your strength will see him through this time. This part of the journey to complete health is the toughest. Each day it will get a little easier for him but he is going to need you by his side to cheer him on. Just keep telling him were almost home, were almost home and he will get through this. You are the best person ever he could have helping him through this. The hard part for you will be watching him try and be in pain but remember always each day has gotten better so far and each day will continue to get better until he has completely recovered. My heart goes out to you both and wish I could do more then just give you words to try and help you.

  5. So glad to see that the transition to the rehab hospital went well. I know how relieved you are Nancy to now be with Lenny. And how relieved he is to have you with him. You two have been through so much, but now you're on the back stretch. Soon you'll be on the home stretch. I hope the therapy goes well, and Lenny's pain quickly subsides. You are all still in our thoughts and prayers daily.
    Love to you both,
    Aunt Sharon

  6. Nancy and Lenny,
    So FANTASTIC to hear the progress you are making!!! How exciting to know that each day is closer to getting HOME!! Keep up the good work and get stronger. Lenny, you are a fighter and it has started to pay off. I hope the pain starts to subside, I'm sure in time it will. Give Nancy lots of love. She is wonderful. Miss you Nancy.....


  7. Nancy,
    It is so great to hear how well Lenny is coming along. Every minute of every day brings him closer to recovery. With someone as wonderful as you, with having so much love for him, he can't help but make a full recovery. You have been the most positive force that he has had by his side and the love you two share is beautiful. You and Lenny have been in my thoughts and prayers since day one and I will continue to send you both good "vibes". GO LAKERS! With love, Lori Montano