The Accident

On 4/16/2010 at approximately 10 to 10:15pm, my Lenny was involved in a serious boating accident. There were 6 occupants of the boat, all were injured. Both Lenny and his best friend Jakie sustained life threatening injuries and were airlifted to trauma centers, Jakie to Las Vegas, Lenny to Phoenix.

I received a call at 1:45am informing me of the accident. I then spent the next 2 hours trying to find him and find out what happened. After calling two hospitals I found Jakie, and then called his mom and she took it from there. I still couldn't find Lenny, so I called the Lake Havasu Police and they got back to me in about a half an hour telling me he was in Phoenix and that the social worker would be calling me soon. Next came the longest 20 minutes of my life. Waiting to hear....

Lenny sustained the following injuries - Completely fractured face from the upper jaw to above the eyes, broken neck, broken ribs, collapsed lungs, and severely broken legs. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I spent the next several minutes rallying friends and getting to YiYi (that is what Lenny calls his sister). We all headed to Phoenix and below I will update you on his condition, how we are holding up, and have a way to communicate with you to keep you updated and be able to answer your questions and be able to get the support we so desperately need from all the wonderful people that love him.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week Four - Wednesday

Last night was a bad one - he only made it about an hour at a time sleeping, and at 4am it took him an hour and a half to get sleepy again. We just say and talked the whole time, it was funny. 6:30am came early, but we had to get up and get breakfast and get him dressed as he has his first therapy at 8:15.

We got to physical therapy and they started him off with a bang. They had him stand up with a walker, which he is having a really hard time with. As I mentioned before he has lost 43 pounds of muscle, so his arms do not want to hold him up. He stood for a minute then sat back down. When he stands he complains of extreme pain in his left knee. He also said it keeps popping which hurts like hell. The therapist got him up again for a second time and he made it a minute 15 seconds. By then he was hurting really bad. They put some ice on his knee and then did some strengthening exercises laying down.

This afternoon we finally opened the images discs that the hospital gave me from his stay in County for his future doctors. Below you will find the images of his broken legs. (If you click on them they get bigger)

Tibia/Fibia Compound Fracture
Femur Fracture

As you can see his breaks were really serious. Hence why he is having such a hard time standing, let alone walking. Today the Doctors had a conference to discuss Lenny's progress and course of treatment. From today we are looking at 2 to 3 more weeks. Hopefully 2 weeks, maybe sooner depending on how he progresses, but only time will tell. 

Mishell has to go home again tomorrow so she is going to be checking out of the hotel. Since I am here in the hospital every night now there is no reason to keep it. I am trying to lay low here in the hospital so they don't kick me out. 
Some people have been inquiring as to where to send things to Lenny, so if you are looking for the address please email me at 

All in all we are doing well, and as promised here are pictures....

 Our Home (we are trying to make it comfy, but all we got from home is the gnome)
 Lenny Day 26 
 Go Lakers!

Good night all....We love you!
Lenny & Nancy


  1. Wow... Lenny you looking amazing after everything you have gone through so far! Stay strong and keep that smile on your face. We are all thinking about you and Nancy everyday!

    Lots Love and Hugs,
    Tina, Jordan and Aspen!!

  2. Lenny you are doing amazing! I hear baby steps toward recovery each day. Looking at the x-rays - I'm so full of joy that you are just trying to stand! You are so strong and courageous! I look at the picture of you and I thank God! Under the swelling, behind the neckbrace I see a naked face - shaved head and no goat - I look in your eyes and there is our Lenny. Smiling despite the challenges that lie ahead. I read through your injuries, look at you and WOW! The doctors are just amazing. You are amazing for being strong and courageous enough to get here. Your sheer determination and motivation from all of us will get you through this next piece.

    Thank you for sharing the pictures, again you brought tears of joy. So happy to see Lenny. There were days I was so so scared I never would again. I love you both so very much, I pray that you have a peaceful evening, and that tomorrow gives you each strong mind and body to face the therapies. Hugs!!!

  3. you look great1it was so good to finally talk to you! thanks for sharing the pics with us. WOW! you are really good looking under all that hair!your strength is awesome! love and miss you friend.....mel

  4. Well just heard from you today. Was not awear. I've tried to catch up as much as possible. Left off on April 27. Had me laughing at time. JUst picturing you sliding down the chair, or the eskimo sweater you wear all year round, the stitching of your ears. But on the serious note its nice to see some pictures of you sitting up with a smile and eyes opened. I was rooting for you when i heard you were an hour strong breathing alone. Feeling every bit of anxiety as you had to sit through a two week period that i have only read. will keep you in prayer tonight. Till i read more tomorrow, keep strong and thanks for the call today.

  5. Well I don't know either of the both of you but Nacy your love and dedication toward Lenny is amazing. You have enspired me to not take the small things in life for granet. And Lenny keep stay strong and I can only imange what you have gone through. Take each day with what it bring.

  6. God has answered alot of prayers.We thank him for the blessing. Getting lenny & Nancy though this very difficult time. Many more prayers to come.

  7. Marianne HerreraMay 13, 2010 at 10:48 AM

    I wasn't sure whether to write today or not seeing Lenny even though I know he is so much better brings tears to my eyes. Lenny I am so sorry for everything you have been through with this injury and that you still have more to get through breaks my heart. You and Nancy are such admirably strong individuals my love goes out to the both of you. If you need anything please do not hesitate to ask me.


  8. I don't know if this is appropriate....but Lenny LOOKS HOT!!! I love the haircut and the clean shave...:)

    And I'm soooo happy everything is getting better....Nancy - have you seen the movie where Tom Hanks lives in the airport forever...that is how I picture you now :)

  9. Hi Lenny and Nanc, Today is Thurday and I just saw the Pictures of your X-ray's. Lenny I'm Realy Sorry for all the Pain that your going threw !!! But your a Strong Man and you'll pull threw it; But it will take Time. It's taken over a year for my Knee Replacment to heal, but it getting better every Day. Your Yonger than Me so you will Heal faster, just Hang in there Lenny and keep thinking of your Babys waiting for You and Nanc to come Home. I'm taking good care of them for You. When I was there Tuesday they all came to the Door to Great Me. Dog sat on my Lap and Penny Laid on my Chest and went to Sleep. Wilson and Kitty were nere by. They all Miss You Both Very Much !!!!! I Miss You Gay's also. I think of You Every Day, and Pray that You will Heal Fast. Lenny looks like your Laker's are doing great so far. Buy the way Love your Hair Cut LOL. j/k. Well Lenny and Nanc I Love You Both Very Very Much, Your Good for each other !!! Love DAD. PS Hang in there Lenny.


  11. Lenny you look great.... We are glad to see that you are recovering so well. It was great to talk to you the other night. Keep in touch and if you need anything let us know. Love you~ Kelly & Mel :)

  12. WOW!!
    Such progress!

  13. As Billy Chrystal would say Lenny. YOU LOOK MARVVV E LOUS!! So glad to see you beautiful smile. Yes I know you're a guy, but you're still beautiful. Such great progress you have made. Hang in there nephew. You'll be home before you know it.

    Thanks so much for posting the pics Nancy. Once again you have displayed what a wonderful person you are. Love to you both.
    Aunt Sharon

  14. It is so good to hear of your progress Lenny. I can't imagine what you are going thru, but keep it up!! You have a great partner there, she is an amazing woman. I think she has enough strength for the both of you!! :) Before you know it, you will be home. Will look forward to seeing you then... Your neighbors - Bill & Marlene

  15. Hello Lenny,

    I am Nancy's long lost friend living here in phoenix. I am so glad to see you looking so well! I have been praying as all the others have for your speedy recovery. You are an inspiration to so many, as Nancy has been as well with her strength and perseverance to getting you better.. I'm a lovely cook and I can't wait to bring you your favorite meal.. you say it, I'll bring it.. I will look forward to seeing you next week.
    If anyone wants to send stuff Nancy, I can give you my work address and that way I can recieve all day and forward as it is convenient..

    Love you very much,


  16. BTW - Lenny, you look great! and Go Lakers!!!

  17. Hi Lenny! I always said you should shave your head! =) You look great! Get well soon so you guys can come home, and I can come visit! Love ya, OC Jenn