The Accident

On 4/16/2010 at approximately 10 to 10:15pm, my Lenny was involved in a serious boating accident. There were 6 occupants of the boat, all were injured. Both Lenny and his best friend Jakie sustained life threatening injuries and were airlifted to trauma centers, Jakie to Las Vegas, Lenny to Phoenix.

I received a call at 1:45am informing me of the accident. I then spent the next 2 hours trying to find him and find out what happened. After calling two hospitals I found Jakie, and then called his mom and she took it from there. I still couldn't find Lenny, so I called the Lake Havasu Police and they got back to me in about a half an hour telling me he was in Phoenix and that the social worker would be calling me soon. Next came the longest 20 minutes of my life. Waiting to hear....

Lenny sustained the following injuries - Completely fractured face from the upper jaw to above the eyes, broken neck, broken ribs, collapsed lungs, and severely broken legs. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I spent the next several minutes rallying friends and getting to YiYi (that is what Lenny calls his sister). We all headed to Phoenix and below I will update you on his condition, how we are holding up, and have a way to communicate with you to keep you updated and be able to answer your questions and be able to get the support we so desperately need from all the wonderful people that love him.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Week Five - Thursday

I know, I know, I am late. I was just so tired last night I fell asleep without updating, and with you all waiting to hear how the visit with the Orthopedic Surgeon went.

It was an early morning as the transport van was picking us up at 7am. We got to the hospital and waited a long time before we saw anyone. They took X-Rays of both of his legs before we saw the doctor. The doctor let us know that his femur is healing beautifully. The tibia however is not healing as well and needs more time. They have changed his weight bearing status from the right leg to the left since the femur looks so good. So today we get to see how he does putting weight on the left side. Hopefully good.

Other then that it was a typical day. We are pretty bored since we found out we are going home soon and I think we are both really anxious!

6 days and counting!
Love, Nancy


  1. Wow. Great news! Now you just need to get home at get Lenny healed all the way

  2. Marianne HerreraMay 21, 2010 at 5:53 PM

    Nancy and Lenny :
    I have been out of town on business and had know idea of such progress. I am so excited that you are both going home in a few days. Thank God to all your friends that are getting the house ready for your return. That is the news I have been waiting for he took a few steps.. Such wonderful news!!!! Just take it easy when you get home he is going to be tired and will have to get used to moving around. Both of you sleep whenever you can so that you do not wear yourselves out. Your cats are going to purr with such joy to see you both. I love you both and am so happy for you. Make sure you have everything you need medically for Lenny his records etc. before leaving. I am so happy your going home. He will heal much faster in his own surroundings.


  3. So excited to know that you will soon be in your own home and with your kitties !!!!
    Love~ Mel & Kodie xoxoxox